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Bakugan Abis Omega Bakugan Abis Omega
Abis Omega is a slithering serpent. I...
(Played: 11,866 times)
Bakugan Alpha Hydranoid Bakugan Alpha Hydranoid
HM Alpha Hydranoid is a dragon with a...
(Played: 13,287 times)
Bakugan Alpha Percival Bakugan Alpha Percival
Alpha Percival evolved from Midnight ...
(Played: 6,787 times)
Bakugan Alpha Percival Cyclone Bakugan Alpha Percival Cyclone
Alpha Percival Cyclone is a Special A...
(Played: 7,794 times)
Bakugan Altair Bakugan Altair
Altair is used mostly by Lync to batt...
(Played: 5,284 times)
Bakugan Alto Brontes Bakugan Alto Brontes
Alto Brontes changed from Mega Bronte...
(Played: 4,884 times)
Bakugan Apollonir Bakugan Apollonir
Apollonir is the legendary Bakugan wi...
(Played: 12,173 times)
Bakugan Atmos Bakugan Atmos
Atmos is a falcon-like bird Bakugan.I...
(Played: 3,013 times)
Bakugan Baliton Bakugan Baliton
Baliton merges with Wilda during batt...
(Played: 7,447 times)
Bakugan Bee Striker Bakugan Bee Striker
Bee Striker is a massive Bakugan with...
(Played: 5,480 times)
Bakugan Blade Tigrerra Bakugan Blade Tigrerra
Blade Tigrerra evolved from Tigrerra....
(Played: 6,811 times)
Bakugan Boost Ingram Bakugan Boost Ingram
Boost Ingram has special wings to go ...
(Played: 5,380 times)
Bakugan Brontes Bakugan Brontes
Together with Volt, Brontes brawls fo...
(Played: 7,597 times)
Bakugan Carlsnaut Bakugan Carlsnaut
Carlsnaut wields sharp, twirling blad...
(Played: 8,889 times)
Bakugan Centipoid Bakugan Centipoid
Centipoid is one of the meanest spiri...
(Played: 4,434 times)
Bakugan Clayf Bakugan Clayf
Clayf is one of The Six Legendary Sol...
(Played: 5,191 times)
Bakugan Cosmic Ingram Bakugan Cosmic Ingram
Cosmic Ingram's attribute is Ventus. ...
(Played: 7,006 times)
Bakugan Cycloid Bakugan Cycloid
Cycloid is a titan like beast. He is ...
(Played: 4,612 times)
Bakugan Cyclone Dragonoid Bakugan Cyclone Dragonoid
Cyclone Dragonoid can create a cyclon...
(Played: 4,515 times)
Bakugan Dark Hound Bakugan Dark Hound
Dark Hound is a Bakugan Trap that giv...
(Played: 4,367 times)
Bakugan Delta Dragonoid II Bakugan Delta Dragonoid II
The first evolution of Drago is Delta...
(Played: 4,994 times)
Bakugan Dragonoid Bakugan Dragonoid
Dragonoid is the leader of the Bakuga...
(Played: 16,740 times)
Bakugan Dual Elfin Bakugan Dual Elfin
Dual Elfin protects other Bakugans. C...
(Played: 6,714 times)
Bakugan Foxbat Bakugan Foxbat
Foxbat combines with Maxus Helios. Th...
(Played: 4,649 times)
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