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Bakugan Freezer Bakugan Freezer
Freezer is a four eyed monster with a...
(Played: 3,579 times)
Bakugan Frosch Bakugan Frosch
Frosch is the legendary Bakguan bring...
(Played: 9,495 times)
Bakugan games Bakugan games
Bakugan games free Bakugan games free...
(Played: 3,832 times)
Bakugan Garganoid Bakugan Garganoid
Gargonoid is a humanoid creature with...
(Played: 8,810 times)
Bakugan Gorem Bakugan Gorem
One of the largest monsters, its body...
(Played: 3,820 times)
Bakugan Grafias Bakugan Grafias
Grafias is a Bakugan Trap which links...
(Played: 2,392 times)
Bakugan Grakas Hound Bakugan Grakas Hound
Grakas Hound is a Bakugan Trap that u...
(Played: 6,293 times)
Bakugan Griffon Bakugan Griffon
Griffon possesses a deafening roar to...
(Played: 6,151 times)
Bakugan Hades Bakugan Hades
Hades is a Mechanical Dragon Bakugan ...
(Played: 9,318 times)
Bakugan Hammer Gorem Bakugan Hammer Gorem
Hammer Gorem is the next evolution of...
(Played: 5,376 times)
Bakugan Harpus Bakugan Harpus
Harpus is a large feathered Harpy-typ...
(Played: 6,649 times)
Bakugan_Fortress Bakugan_Fortress
Fortress is a robotic Bakugan Trap us...
(Played: 2,687 times)
Brontes Brachium Brontes Brachium
Brachium is a Bakugan Trap which comb...
(Played: 7,175 times)
Dual Elfin Revolution Dual Elfin Revolution
Dual Elfin Revolution is a Special At...
(Played: 3,883 times)
Dynamo Bakugan Dynamo Bakugan
Dynamo links up with Brontes as a Bak...
(Played: 3,456 times)
El Condor Bakugan El Condor Bakugan
El Condor is a shaman-like Bakugan in...
(Played: 3,491 times)
Elfin Bakugan Elfin Bakugan
Elfin tests Marucho to prove he is a ...
(Played: 5,338 times)
Elico Bakugan Elico Bakugan
Elico is controlled by Mylene of Vexo...
(Played: 5,510 times)
Exedra Bakugan Exedra Bakugan
Exedra is the legendary Bakugan that ...
(Played: 6,229 times)
Falcon Fly Bakugan Falcon Fly Bakugan
Falcon Fly is a Bakugan Trap that com...
(Played: 4,507 times)
Falconeer Bakugan Falconeer Bakugan
Falconeer can fly amazingly fast, wit...
(Played: 4,448 times)
Fear Ripper Bakugan Fear Ripper Bakugan
The negative energies of the silent c...
(Played: 4,383 times)
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